Friday, June 12, 2009

Easy Backup Wizard

How To Make Copies Of Your Favourite DVDs And Video Games?

Read Along And You Will Learn How To Make Them With Ease!

I have a big collection of games from almost every major console, and since I’m a programmer my collection of software is even larger and more expensive than the previous one. Most of the time, my friends borrow CDs and DVDs from me, from Games, Software, to Video DVDs. Unlike me, my friend’s don’t take good care of my personal possession, and it has happened more than once to get a CD back that is Damaged or Unreadable. So I decided to backup my collection of Games, Software and Video DVDs. I tried a few products but, it’s not that they didn’t deliver on their promise, but no one delivered as much bang for the buck as Easy Backup Wizard.
  • Backup games from the following consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, PC, Dreamcast, PC.
  • Backup your Video DVDs, containing your favourite Movie or Series.
  • Finally you will also be able to create Video DVDs, from the video files you have. Almost all video files are supported for conversion from divx, xvid to mp4.
  • This is how it works
Easy Backup Wizard creates a identical copy of the original disc, or for a lack of a better word a clone of the original. This means you will retain the same level of audio and video quality, or loss of detail or definition. Easy Backup Wizard, even enables you to copy all of the extras and bonus material on your original DVD's. Even though it claims it will make backups of PS3 games im a bit sceptical about that, to be honest i havent tried to copy PS3 game since the games are on blu-ray and blu-ray drives are around 500$, so that option for me is out.
  • Final verdict
First of all, it delivers on its promise, i have so far made 70+ backups with ease. The other thing is, you will get a tutorial if you are not familiar how to use the program, and there is customer support which will help you if you get stuck through the process.
Currently Easy Backup Wizard is on 50% promotional discount, this promotion started few days ago so i doubt it will last long, so don’t wait because the next time you visit the web site you might have to pay the full price, grab it while you can for half the price. Dont forget if you dont like it you can always get a refund.

Rating: 9/10
Price: 29$